Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Niqab Controversy in Quebec

Quebec, for us geography challenged Americans, is a province in Canada.

A bill, bill #94, has been proposed which would ban women wearing Niqab (face veil) from receiving government services. For me, this is the kicker:

What people are ignoring  is that Muslim women are human and deserve to be treated with dignity regardless of whether we agree with their choices or not.


  1. very good news!

  2. yet another example of Western governments imposing their ideas of "liberation" on others, in this case Muslim women.

    The Muslim women I know who wear Niqab do it out of devotion to God. While their lives may seem restricted to outsiders, it's a choice they have made and their understanding of how to come closer to God, not unlike nuns, many of whom at one point, chose to seclude themselves and devote themselves exclusively to God.

    Quebec is aping the idiocy of France. Just shows how that province's muddled ideas of secularism compromise its supposed belief in "freedom".

  3. i love it....hope they ban the whole outfit one day

  4. According to not just Canada's, but Quebec's charter of rights, freedom of religion and expression are both rights guaranteed to citizens.

    Banning Niqab is illegal and unconstitutional.

    Women who wear Niqab are law-abiding, tax-paying citizens. They are just as entitled to the freedom of expression and religion that other Quebecers and Canadians enjoy.

    Quebec: respecting the rule of law and other people's dress, even when you dislike it, is part of living in a democracy.

    If you don't like it, you can always separate, as you've wanted to for decades, and establish your own authoritarian state that dictates what Quebecers can and cannot wear.

  5. It's a pity that governments hide behind law to actually terrorise innocent and defenceless people.Religion is a personal thing between man and his creator.Why should they ban the use of niqab if the users are law abiding?Is this not terrorism in disguise?

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