Wednesday, March 31, 2010

So...what happened?

OK.. . .our old hosted wordpress site got hacked. We haven't been able to recover the old posts yet. We figured we'd try to start over here. From now on, we'll make sure to save our posts on our hard drives as well.


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  2. who ever the person , on the last comment about the women, she is perfctly right, if the women are confortable with the way they dress, to its own. they feel respected, and thwy should be respected, god regardless say to love your neighbour. DO NOT HATE ONLY LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE.'thank you

  3. mankind such as MEN generally feel superior, but the fact women have a birth canal and produced milk from their body =, men just produce sperm. cherish women. man was made from two ribs,women work 10 times more than men.FACT. women are the neck for the mans head, so without the neck, the head will not stand on the shoulders. FACT.all the holy books says to hace peace, PEACE AND LOVE.

  4. Muslim women dress modestly. Many western women dress like "Tarts".
    Boobs busting out of their tops and tight jeans or shorts that leave nothing to the imagination. Freedom of expression is OK in one sense but there are limits. Women should be admired for just being women.
    "A good woman is more precious than jewels". Proverbs.
    I guess some "DH" will find fault with this comment........
    If your not sure what a "DH" is......Google.

  5. Many young girls who already wear hijabs at the time of entering college also get influenced by the stylish ones on display around campus.