Friday, April 2, 2010

Different Justice for Different People

As a child I remember reading the story of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings God be upon Him) declaring that the concept of having different levels of justice for different people destroys nations (This was in response to Usama bin Zayd asking for a pardon for a Meccan Noble who had committed a serious crime).
So I weep for my country when I read such posts by Glenn Greenwald.
I also feel strongly that this is what led to the decline of Muslims the world over. We stopped caring about justice.
As shown Greenwald, we in effect already have a dual justice system (and have had one for some time). Unfortunately President Obama has stated his intent to pass a "preventative detention" law:
"Once you open the door to that idea of holding people because of presumed dangers, or saying we have reason to believe but no evidence to convict someone of a terrorism crime, then you start to cut away at the very foundation of what our system of justice is based on," says Human Rights First CEO Elisa Massimino.
Despite those concerns, the Obama administration seems to be moving closer to a plan like Wittes'. Administration officials have met with many different people, including Wittes, about preventive detention. But this is the first actual draft legislation. According to several sources outside of government who are familiar with the administration's thinking, this proposal is getting a lot of attention.
This goes against the most basic concepts of any justice system. You could be a convicted child rapist in America, and you will get a trial if you do it again. . .even if everything is caught on camera. But if you are even suspected of being a terrorists (especially if you are Muslim), you might not get one.


  1. have to agree with that one. While right wing nutjobs across the country squeal and whine about "Muzlems" taking over the US of A, the reality is that Muslims are the new N-word of America. That means secret detention, detention without proof of guilt or trial are easy to practice on this community. In the past, the establishment's tool of choice to deal with a hated community was not just cultural demonization, but lynchings and legally sanctioned discrimination and segregation. Today, they've become more "civilized" through covert methods that don't openly criminalize an entire community, but ultimately, have created that climate.

    This is sheer McCarthyism, circa 2010. God help us. God help the USA.

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  3. i have been watching some videos recently on you tube about peoples pfamilies and where from and what there past was.. and after correlating dissecting the information.. a thought popped into my head from no where Mcarthyism,,,!!!by stealth and hidden mind control through repatition, and media frenzy..

  4. Well, I totally disagree with this saying and I explain my opinion at billys adventures blog. You should check it out.