Thursday, April 7, 2011

Discrimination Against a Hijabi in Montreal

The stark actions against the Hijab in France and in Quebec have me wondering -- is there something special about the French? They seem to have a special dislike for the Hijab.

The saddest about this story is the non-reaction by the victim.

Waiting at the 165 bus stop on Côte des Neiges Rd. at Côte Ste. Catherine Rd. was a young family, the mother holding the handlebar of a large baby carriage, her husband standing close by, ready to lift the carriage into the bus.
Another woman and I stood behind them, apart from a lineup that was about seven or eight people deep, but still obviously waiting to board.
The last person in the lineup, a young woman, stopped and waved the couple with the baby forward, telling them to go ahead. The husband started toward the bus entrance, holding the carriage. The bus driver, staring at him, closed the door and steered the bus away from the sidewalk, off up the road. There were five of us left at the bus stop.

SOURCE: Montreal Gazette


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  3. Hormone-rich male teenager is supposed to concentrate on mathematics when his female classmates hurry to first row, dress in mini-skirts and carry long freezing hair. Which mama wants that for her kid, to fail in math?

    Maybe Hijab is a solution for coexistence in a world that has become too small for us and we can't escape temptation if women don't help us do so (willingly) and concentrate on our real goals.

    People are still dying in the world, it's not paradise yet. We need our men to fight for our rights.

  4. I think discrimination against hijab is a crime and violate human rights.

  5. very nice info... say no to discrimination...

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