Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mainstream Dutch Politician Calls for a Hijab Tax

Say what you will, but Geert Wilders is now a mainstream politician in Europe. He scores second highest in a  poll to become premier of the Netherlands (link, h/t Wikipedia). He is in the news advocating for a Hijab or "headscarf" tax.

It would be amusing to see how this would be implemented. How would a police office figure out whether a non-Muslim is wearing a headscarf? Would babushkas also be taxed? If not, could I get away with wearing a babushka? What about if a man is wearing a headscarf? Wouldn't it be discrimination not to tax a man for wearing a headscarf?

Actually I take that back, this is not an amusing exercise.

It is pretty sad that Mr Wilders claims Jewish ancestry as his story seems like the beginnings of the next Hitler (including the fake blond hair). He states he is an athiest but says he is a "friend" to Jews and Christians. I implore my Christian and Jewish neighbors to realize that his kind is also a threat to you, just further down the road. He might be for taxing the headscarf today, but he might be getting rid of the tax exemption for your church and synagogue next.


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  3. Well, this is really discriminating. I can't say I am fond of muslims but taxes for wearing a hijab are really out of limits. This is not like they are killing or robbing anyone, so why the taxes?

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